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My MIDI Files

These are a few of the best pieces I've written so far. Check 'em out! And if you like them feel free to redistribute them. just don't modify them.

Note that some files were written using two drum sets, this is not General MIDI compliant however it is supported under Yamaha XG. All files that contain two drum sets come in two versions, a Yamaha XG version ("XG"), or a General MIDI compatible version ("GM"). If you are unsure of which one to use then go with the GM.

A cool line that FLASHES!!!





ant_wars.html Ant Wars
Bots.mid 'Bots 27 KB 2:07
Dungeons.mid Dungeons 14 KB 2:29
Fire.mid Fire 24 KB 5:20
Glory.mid Guns and Glory 23 KB 2:45
Glory3.mid Guns and Glory (V3) 22 KB 2:22
GreenSleeves2.midGreen Sleeves (With a Twist!) 22 KB 2:22
Hybrid_GM.mid The Hybird (GM) 45 KB 3:31
Hybrid_XG.mid The Hybird (XG) 45 KB 3:31
Nebula.mid Nebula 40 KB 5:05
rain.mid Rain 5 KB 1:56
Rollercoaster.midRollercoaster 25 KB 2:08
Space1.mid Space Theme 1 14 KB 1:13
Space2_XG.mid Space Theme 2 (XG) 29 KB 1:23
Space2_GM.mid Space Theme 2 (GM) 29 KB 1:23
Runes.mid Runes 21 KB 3:54
Spooky.mid All Hallows Eve 44 KB 5:21
thrash.html The Thrash
WICTUAN.mid Wish I Could Think Up A Name35 KB3:11
YodaRock.mid The Yoda Rock (I Was Bored)16 KB1:17

A cool line that BLINKS!!!

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