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Other Cool Files

By "Other Cool Files" I really mean music by actual groups, in a sense pop, but it's not really what you'd call pop so shall we just classify it as "Rock" and say no more.

Not a lot of selection right now but I'm hoping to get more.

Filename Name Artist Size Length
AllThngs.mid All the Small Things Blink 182 47 KB 2:43
BzctMI2.mid Take a Look Around (MI2) Limp Bizcuit 61 KB 5:26
californication.mid Californication Red Hot Chilli Peppers 53 KB 5:45
ComeArnd.mid When I Come Around Greenday 25 KB 2:55
Esteem.mid Self Esteem The Offspring 49 KB 4:31
Get_Job.mid Why Don't You Get a Job The Offspring 46 KB 2:46
LearnFl1.mid Learn To Fly (V1) Foo Fighters 47 KB 3:14
LearnFl2.mid Learn To Fly (V2) Foo Fighters 60 KB 3:52
MetalMI2.mid I Dissappear Metalicca 47 KB 4:15
myLife1.mid It's My Life (V1) Bon Jovi 40 KB 3:42
myLife2.mid It's My Life (V2) Bon Jovi 46 KB
pretty_fly.mid Pretty Fly (For a white guy)The Offspring 45 KB 3:05
Scar1.mid Scar Tissue (V1) Red Hot Chilli Peppers 14 KB 3:34
Scar2.mid Scar Tissue (V2) Red Hot Chilli Peppers 23 KB 3:33
The_Way1.mid The Way (V1) Fastball 153 KB 4:16
The_Way2.mid The Way (V2) Fastball 58 KB 3:57
The_Way3.mid The Way (V3) Fastball 73 KB 3:58
Voodoo Godsmack 14 KB 3:21

If this line wasn't animated it would be a dead line!

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