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2002-Nov-17 16:06:48 MST (GMT-7:00)
Changed the background, and fixed some issues with low-res monitors.

2002-Nov-15 12:47:25 MST (GMT-7:00)
Major update to the site, fairly minor updates to the content. updated rondom background chooser. Converted all files from ZIP to RAR format (in my experiments RAR was up to twice the comression of ZIP). Added really cool navbar :)

2002-Aug-28 10:31:54 MDT (GMT-8:00)
Hi, I'm Jonathon Cobb aka Jonatron this page has various stupid programs that I've written available to download for anyone bored enough. I started programming a when I was uhh lemmie see, a while ago in Visual Basic and have now progressed to C++ and Java, this page contains the better and almost completed* programs.
*A completed is only theoretically possible, in reality most programs reach a stage where a program is almost complete but can still be tweeked, at that stage a programmer must tweek the program (because he can) until it stops working

The Programs

Name Description Language
Random Background Chooser Randomly changes the desktop background when run Microsoft C++
Runaway Cursor Makes the screen cursor randomly bounce around the screen whilst making stupid noises Visual Basic
Slots A simple Slot Machine game, one of my first programs Visual Basic


Name Description
Visual Basic Runtime Library Support file. All Visual Basic Programs require this file
RAR Labs downloads RAR Archive decoders, required to decompress the files on this site


HREF Description Cell18189's page (he helped with some of these programs) PlanetSource Code, Zillions of programs with source code in lots of different languages The Jargon Dictionary, has an accurate definintion of every jargon word ever thought up!