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Hello! I suppose you were so tempted by a file that simply said "README!" all over it that you actually thought it might be worth reading. I myself rarely read help files even if they do say ReadMe, I mean, think what happened to Alice when she ate cakes saying "EatMe" and drank bottles saying "DrinkMe" it seems somewhat intimidating that people everywhere are still falling for the same trick. However this particular ReadMe does not involve any white rabbits with digital watches (though it does involve some little-green-one-eyed aliens) and now you've opened this "ReadMe" I suppose you ought to read it?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What Everything Does

How to Play

Other Neat Stuff





What Everything Does

Really Cool GIF explaining What Everytihng does

That should explain most of it.

How to Play

Betting and Spinning the Slots

When you start you've got $100 spending money (if you're a real wimp the under Options | Set Budget you can add some more). To insert your money into the machine press the bet buttons (marked "$1" "$5" "10") to subtract the desired amount from your money and transfer it to the bet amount. For example: click the "Bet $5" button, you should notice that your money went down by five bucks and that the bet amount (located just next to the bet buttons) went up from $0 to $5 also the "Spin All" button turned green and after all that the winnings went up accordingly! Just spin the slots and try your luck!

"Try Agians"

Darn! So close!!! (In other word two matched but the third one didn't) No problem! Look underneath the odd slot and you'll see the "Spin" button underneath has turned green, just click it and let 'er rip! You have three try's spinning only that slot to score a three!

Other Neat Stuff

 You can modify your total cash by going to Options | Set Budget menu.

 "Try Agains" can be toggled under the Options menu.

 I you gain $1,980,000 then you get an attractive dialog saying "You Won!!! GAME OVER".

 If lose all your money then you get an attractive dialog saying "You Lost!!! GAME OVER".

 There is a secret cheat procedure (excitement) that activates a debug window with all sorts of neat stuff on it.


 Problem: When I run Slots a message comes up that says, "A required file was not found..."

 Solution: Like it says the file is vital to run Slots and you can't live without it. Try reinstalling Slots, if that doesn’t work visit Microsoft Technical Support.

 Problem: When I press the Spin buttons I get a message that says, "Runtime Error, Object required"

 Solution: Slots need its picture files (01.gif 02.gif etc.) stored in its home directory in order to load them. Try reinstalling Slots, if that doesn’t work visit Microsoft Technical Support.

 Problem: I've been playing Slots night and day non-stop, my boss sacked me; my girlfriend dumped me; and my psychiatrist committed suicide after three weeks of try to get me to stop what can I do?

 My best suggestion would be "Get a Life" (a lot of people have told me that actually) but you could also try reinstalling Slots, if that doesn’t work visit Microsoft Technical Support.

I you encounter a problem that doesn’t appear in this ReadMe then e-mail us, after that try reinstalling Slots, if that doesn’t work visit Microsoft Technical Support.


(you really need to get a life if you're actually reading this)

Squadron: Nerd

Squadron: Nerd is:

Ryan Huntly

Jonathon Burnham Cobb

Andrew Cobb

Slots was programmed by:

Jonathon B. Cobb

Slots is dedicated to:

Dominique Iona Seguin

Special thanks to:

Tony Cobb (Granddad) for explaining how much better programming was in the good old days.

John McDonald for telling me how LoadPicture() worked.

Jane Burnham Cobb (mom) for kicking me of the computer to play solitaire.

And Rumpleteazer (the cat) for sleeping on the keyboard.

How to contact us



I retain the copyright for Slots but it doesn't mean a lot so I'll put it this way, This is freeware - please distribute freely but include all different components etc. when distributing this software and please do not alter or remove any components or do anything else naughty to this software

Enjoy the Game!!!